Gym Attire To Stay Away From/Advice

Recently I’ve been having to get rid of a lot of clothes, most being athletic wear.

1)  Stay away from Hollister/Abercrombie gym apparel.  They aren’t an activewear brand and in my experience their fabric used is quite thick and heavy.  It’s not breathable and actually makes sweating and all the heat your body produces unbearable.

2)  This one is a hit and miss, make sure you take a look at the entire piece.  I’ve enjoyed the one pair of Calvin Klein activewear i’ve gotten, but one thing I noticed after wearing is that the crotch area is a mesh material.  Great in theory due to air flow and such however I noticed that if I wasn’t wearing any underwear you can see skin… not like all out and what but still a strange piece.

3)  Kyodan is a hit and miss.  Their sizes aren’t true to size, however their tops are.  But as far as bottoms go unless you have the room to size down, you really should size down.  But I also feel like they stretch out throughout your work out.  Their XS is too big for me at this point, and it just gets worse with wear.  They’re one of the main brands you can find in Tjmaxx.
4)  Athleta, I don’t have much experience with them to be honest.  Just a pair of tights I got since I had a gift card.  Originally the piece was great but over time and little wear, whenever I’d get sweaty I’d start having a bunch of fabric fuzz all over my hands and it’d spread if I touched anything too.  Pretty much a nightmare problem in my opinion because out of everything in the world that shouldn’t happen… especially for a brand that’s competing with Lululemon.  I had to go through an ordeal because I didn’t have a receipt, and I didn’t like things they had in the store… and two things that I tried on had one of these problems each: 1) Minimally see-thru, if I bend over: Totally see thru.  (was a blue ombre tight)  2) Completely constrictive and uncomfortable around my calf.  Not the type of experience I want with a brand.

5)  Not brand specific but at least up top if you’re a weight trainer, do yourself a favor and DO NOT buy anything that feels snug one bit.  Because you will out grow it and hate yourself.  Size up if you really want it and you’ll thank yourself for that later on!!  (Purchased a Lululemon scuba hoodie in houndstooth and now it’s too tight on me D:, discontinued print.  I LOVED IT SO MUCH)

6)  Watch out for colors, busy prints.  Typically with these whenever you actually put them on the coloring fades because they get stretched out and you can see some skin coloring sneaking in.  Some of these can also be see-thru with squats.  This problem isn’t brand specific but something that is common with these type of styles.  All-colored pants also, unless it’s a thick material can be see-thru so always do a bend over check in the dressing room if you can.
Weight training is such a slow and lengthy process to get to your ‘dream body,’ naturally.  Personally I can get burnt out sometimes as people do with any thing and I reward myself when accomplishments and such are met by shopping.  Having little goals along the way, not just the huge end goal is good for you especially when it comes to sticking with it and not getting too discouraged because you WILL definitely get discouraged a lot along the way.  ❤


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