REAL Results

So funny enough the other night I got SO mad, frustrated, stressed and upset (all part of the journey) due to feeling like my body doesn’t change, my glutes don’t grow, etc etc.  To be fair naturally i’m really hard on myself.  Soooo I started sifting through pictures that I have from any time along my journey to compare to a recent picture in mostly the same stance and form.  I came across this one and i’m genuinely surprised.  Sometimes growth and advancement isn’t just something you can see from one side or one angle.  Surely we want everything to GROW but not everything is as simple as just getting bigger.  Lifting parts up, growing, shrinking, is all part of the process.  They also don’t all happen at once.

This is a 6 month glute progress.  From other pictures from the side I don’t really see a size difference but from the back you can certainly see a difference.  I think this picture helps show what i’ve been saying about building a good base layer and then things will build from there.  My glutes have lifted and part of building a bubble butt is lifting the butt up first.

Sometimes I google progress photos to see the natural progression of body changes and I have two things to say about that.  1)  A LOT of photoshopped pictures.  Make sure to see the source they’re coming from (a lot are people trying to sell fitness plans)  2)  Time is either not pointed out between the photos or someones trying to say the progress happened in only a few weeks.  There’s something weird where people who I guess don’t like to put the work in, will horribly photoshop pictures of themselves whether it just be a body part or what have you and then try to brag about it and give advice…   Typically I wouldn’t be so blunt in regards to someone but 1- this doesn’t out anyone however you could reverse image search and 2- people shouldn’t lie and give BS advice.  Put the work in or admit you don’t and be honest.

ics03r    ^  I came across this while good image searching… it linked to a reddit post.  First pic: Wearing a long dress from what I can tell.  Second pic:  Photoshopped underbutt and butt… what gives it away if you can’t tell: no ones body is wavering by pixels…. not to mention no ones underbutt and leg is shaped like that.  The only reason why in the first pic its like a long C is because she’s wearing a dress and not pants like in the 2nd.  You gotta be skeptical unfortunately.  People are lying thieves and people who don’t know what to look out for can be scammed.

My picture in the blue crops is 6 months progress after already a progress of about a year and 4-5 months.  To be honest like most people I didn’t know what I was doing when I first started and neglected learning and acknowledging I was messing up.  I had no trainer (I’ve never had a trainer and still have learning to do.  Learning never ends) so of course I had a rocky long beginning.  But I’m here now and things are changing.

Here is the ONLY pic of my butt I could find before I ever started lifting:
2014 VS 2016

I think i’m wearing loose yoga pants here but you get my drift… lmao.  I honestly never paid mind to my lower body before lifting and deleted any pictures.  It wasn’t that I was ‘fat’, I considered myself unfit skinny fat with body fat concentrations in unwanted areas due to genetics.


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