Clean Chicken Pineapple Recipe

This is something I decided to try today and it turned out really good.

– Paprika
– McCormick Caribbean Jerk Perfect Pinch
– Pepper
– Pure Pineapple Juice
– Pineapple Chunks
– Chicken Breast
– Crock Pot

I’m no cook but this came out yummy and honestly the crock pot is now my favorite way to cook chicken.  Just trying to spear the breast trying to pull it out, it just fell apart.  So good.
I just poured some of the pineapple juice in the crock pot, pending on how much chicken I put in.  I personally placed 3 chicken breasts in the mix, then plopped pineapple chunks in.  Put a decent amount of Caribbean Jerk seasoning, Paprika and a small amount of pepper.  Let it cook and sit for 6 hours and when it was all done the chicken just fell apart and was delicious with some tang and spice.
I’m definitely not a cook by any means, this just sounded good and i tried it out.  Haven’t been eating clean at all lately but this just turned that back around lol.  Always need new flavors!


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