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I’ve been MIA for awhile.  To be honest I ran out of topics to talk about, plus with the Holidays, being sick, and work I had been busy for a good bit and not able to lift.

Currently I am dealing with health… and it’s a struggle.
So just a heads up this is going to get personal.

I started lifting like 3 years ago? Come  July 30th.
In the past 2 years I have noticed my health declining, getting sick more and more frequently, and worsening within the past year.  I mean I get sick every 3 weeks pretty much.  I take my vitamins, last year my doctor prescribed me prenatals for this issue I mentioned.
Yesterday I went to the doctors again because I’m sick again, randomly have some sort of infection and I have been a mess.  Coughing, sneezing, non-stop runny nose, that was all brought on after I worked a Monster Jam event.  Actually started during the event from all the dirt inhalation that was kicked up.
So I was given several meds to help cure this which have already really worked within 24 hours, and I mentioned again my health struggles… He had me do a hemoglobin blood test.  Whenever I’m sick it’s always something upstairs.  Head colds, coughing, sneezing, congestion, sore throats, strep, etc.   I guess that is a sign of low hemoglobin and can cause that.  Looking at blood work from last year the lowest ‘healthy’ level for someone of my sex and age is 12, and mine came back 11.5 last year.  I’m still waiting for my current results but regardless in my next appointment it will be a continued discussion.

Secondly, last year I did my routine pap smear and it came back abnormal.  My entire life my health has been normal, and average… I never had anything come back bad except for some messed up hormones from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  No big deal.  So that terrified me but my doctor insisted I wait and it should go away within the year on its own.
My routine pap came back abnormal again this year, I stumbled upon my results on my health cares online portal and I haven’t received the results by mail yet…nor have I received a call from my doctor.  I’m patiently waiting but I’ll most likely give them a call soon to get the ball rolling on this.  They brushed off doing a colposcopy last year but I’m going to make it a have-to this year.  My immune system is weak for some reason undiscovered yet so I do not depend on my immune system to kick whatever is wrong with me in fears of those abnormal cells turning cancerous or any form of worse.  I’m also not going to back off until I have answers and a fix for my immune system.  I’m sick of being sick, I’m young, I’m active, I wash my hands, I wash myself lol, I’m a healthy individual…so why is my body failing me?  😦
Whenever I do get the colposcopy done it will be another week that I am out of the gym, solely because it is a biopsy and needs to heal, can bleed and not heal up with activity apparently (was all discussed last year.)   I have no family history to base this off of either, I only know of my moms side of the family and hers were quite secretive, no one talked about anything.  So really leaves me in the dark here.  I just know I’m not in this to play the waiting game….

As for fitness goes,  due to having an ongoing hip flexor issue I’ve come to the conclusion I probably have an anterior pelvic tilt.  Getting sick has gotten in the way of my ability to try to work on strengthening my unablanced muscles and working on my posture and everything, but that is something I will be working on and fixing over the next several months.  It seems that this problem more than likely explains my issues with my hip, my lower back, hamstrings, and glutes.  So I look forward to fixing this up and strengthening my weak points.


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