IMG_5345Hi,  My name is Chelsea.
I’ve been on a journey to better my life and get to the point where I want to be.  Along the way I’ve found that I can help others, help encourage others and give sound advice so they don’t get off track.  So that’s why I made this blog!  I want to reach out to as many people that I can.  I am a 23 year old woman who dove head first into putting myself in a position to be healthier and feel great about myself and my body.  You always hear and see people saying they want, why want when you can have?  Nothing happens over night, but if you stay motivated and encouraged you wont have to want anymore!  Through my fitness journey I have had somewhat of an awakening.  This has become a passion of mine!  First things first, you can’t help those that don’t want to help themselves.  So how much do you want it?

I also want to point out one other social media platform that I do have, where I post pictures on a regular basis.  A lot tend to be fitness based and will be implemented into these blogs, but in general it is a misc. feed.  Instagram:  ChelseaxLynnTM

I also have another page, BeautyWithChelsea  Original, right? Hahaha yeah i’m not good with titles.   🙂


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