New MUST-HAVE Gym Accessories That I Love!!

Fire Team Fit Lifting Belt and Rip Toned Wrist Straps!!  Must haves for any lifter especially as you go heavier in weight and start feeling the pressure!img_0758riptoned

First I’m going to go over the Fire Team Fit Lifting Belt.
Currently retailing on Amazon anywhere from $16-$28.  Prices vary on size and color.
This is the first time I have ever used or purchased a belt and i’m amazed and immediately fell in love with it.  Day 1 using it the very first time I hit a new PR.  I primarily got this belt because I could feel as I was getting heavier in squats I was feeling back twinks from the weight… the weight was causing my form in my back to lean too far forward or back.  I’m not quite sure which, but ever since I’ve been using the belt I have 0 back pains and no problems whatsoever.  Since purchasing and using this belt I have gone up about 10-20lbs in my squats.  It helps me feel extremely secure and safe, allowing me to go heavier without being afraid as I do work out by myself.
Not to mention it is comfy and the sizing is 100% correct.  I purchased the XXS, which they call their ‘youth’ size.  I have a 23-24in waist and the XXS is advertised as (26″=29″ around navel.)   If you scroll up you can see the front overlapping a little because I am small…but the belt still works and I don’t even notice or feel any discomfort from that.  I also feel it is the perfect width and size for me since I always see some monstrous ones and i’m tiny haha.
Another reason to support Fire Team Fit is because they are a Veteran owned and operated small business.  I love supporting small businesses especially those who are military, ex-military, or the like.

Now the Rip Toned Lifting Wrist Straps.
Currently retailing for $9.97 on Amazon, varying colors as well but all the same price.
(Wish I got the camo!! I don’t think they had that when I purchased these 😦  )
The reason why these stuck out to me was because of the price, the claim that they are cotton padded, and all of the positive reviews, especially how positive out of over 2K reviews.
Another awesome thing with these is the first time when using them I hit a new PR with deadlifts!  They allow me to have amazing grip so I don’t get cut short on my reps due to losing grip at all.  These are comfortable and haven’t bothered me at all which is a nice bonus.  They are also pretty long straps, I believe this is the full dimension: (LxW) 23 1/4” X 1 1/2”

However the length doesn’t bother me or hinder anything despite being small and having smaller hands so that shouldn’t be a worry at all.  They also have a lifetime replacement warranty!  They come with a bag with a snap if you’d like to carry your straps that way but personally I just added them into my gym bag and didn’t want to worry about any additional extra-bags lol.

I really can’t say anymore great things about either of these brands.  I’m happy with my purchases and they’ve dramatically improved my performance and my growth.  Highly recommend!  Must-have gym accessories for a low cost.


Booty Workouts!

Something new i’ve implemented into my workout involves a weight of any kind (plate, dumbbell, barbell, kettle ball, etc) and leg resistance bands.  Currently I am using: SPRI Braided Lateral Resistor in the Ultra Heavy Resistance band.  I hold a 25lb plate to my chest, squat down, and crab walk to my left 10 steps, and my right 10 steps.  Each 2 steps counting as 1.  You will feel the burn!  Be sure to stretch beforehand or you can pull some crotch muscles and that doesn’t feel good.

Grab about 3 different weighted dumbbell, or kettle balls.  For example 30, 40, 50 lbs. If you’re using a dumbbell grab one side of the dumbbell with both hands, hold it at your waist and squat down.  Do at least 10 reps per weight, then go to the next weight, and the next.  If you really want to work those glutes and activate them, change your squat stance.  There are a few different squat forms.
Narrow Squat,  Sumo Squat, then your basic.
If you want to up the difficulty and maximize the butt muscle as much as possible, put your weight all in your heel.  To maximize this place down two 5lb plates on the ground, put your toes on the plates and your heel on the floor.  Now squat, also make sure to clench your buttox as much as possible when coming up!

Now this is a workout i’ve mentioned before, Barbell Hip Thrusts.  You will feel the glute pull and clench!  Highly highly highly recommend using a bar pad.  My hips easily bruise especially from this workout even with a bar pad!

Possibly, even change your goal when squatting.  Instead of squatting at your heaviest, and only doing maybe the 6-8reps that you can do at that weight, tone down the weight some.  So that it’s still heavy, still a bit difficult, but you can maximize those reps up to 15-20+  Again, keep changing up your form.  Put down two 5lb plates on the ground to put all that weight into your heels.

I also recommend deadlifts, glute kickbacks, and leg presses for the bum.  Deadlifts personally make it a lot easier to clench my bum and getting that maximum booty work as well as working those hamstrings!
Glute kickbacks, as seen in my previous booty post.  Check it out here.
Now lets talk leg presses.  When I talk leg presses I have 2 different versions in mind.  The ones that I do on the linear leg press machine, and the ones that I do on the dip assist machine.  Head on over my older booty post to learn about the dip assist leg presses that I love to do for the bum!
Now the linear leg press, this is all about the form to work that booty!  You want to keep both your feet in a close form, the foot platform on mine has a handle at the top in the middle, a logo in the center.  I put each foot on either side of the logo, and my toes at the top of the platform so that a little bit of my toes are hanging off the top of the platform.  As pictured here!  I also use the same rule for my single leg presses.  This is the most difficult form on this machine, but it really does use and activate those glutes.

I’m going to start devoting a time of my workout everyday to working on at least one of these.  I really want to build up this rump.  It’s about damn time haha.  Especially since i’ve learned more and more how to maximize it all, and i’ve seen the little bit of progress already from this past week!   Keep the booty happy and strong!  Do all the things! ;D

CAP Barbell Pad Review


I’ve been using this for about the past 3-4 months now, enough to give a decent review. So far there’s been 0 wear and tear, and due to it having a smooth sweat-resistant lining it’s very easy to wipe clean. I only use it for free weighted barbell squats and weighted hip thrusts for reference. It’s a thinly cushioned bar pad, great for squats. My gym has very thick bar pads that have no ability to snap together (so they constantly fall off) which is why I purchased this. I’m petite so this is the perfect size for me to do my squats in comfort. The only negative thing I will say is that when I do weighted hip thrusts (with barbells) it doesn’t have the best padding. My hips still get sore, maybe not necessarily bruised, but sore a bit. Nothing that affects my workout but just a note to have if that is something you do often or want this specifically for that. Keep in mind I’m quite small so my hips protrude as I’m doing that workout which doesn’t help my case in the first place. But I did purchase this primarily for helping me execute squats and it has definitely done its job- I can’t complain. (Now if only it could help me squat heavier and heavier…. :’)   I personally purchased mine off of, it’s $37.98 with Amazon Prime.  However the price may change from time to time because when I purchased it, it was only $13.51 and i’m looking at the EXACT one that I purchased.

Yes this will fit any barbell size, I have also attached it onto a z-bar.